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Are you ready for YOUR transformation?

Picture yourself as our next transformation story and imagine getting there eating the foods you love...


Thanks to The Diet Doc Phoenix, I lost 50 pounds in only 8 short months! I have known Tyler since we were in 10th grade. When he told me that he was pursuing a degree in Human Nutrition and starting his own business, I knew he was the only...
Kari's full testimonial


After four months I’m in the best shape I’ve ever been! I am 135 pounds and have a much lower body fat percentage (around 22%)! I am eating more and have scaled back on my long cardio sessions. I can actually see my abs I can see definition...
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The last 23 months have been the best as far as learning about nutrition from Tyler. I have done a lot of diets and weight loss programs and for the first time I really have a better and greater understanding of nutrition. Tyler was a pleas...
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Before I started working with Tyler I was eating only 1,000 calories a day but still gaining weight! I thought I was going to have to eat less or exercise more, but Tyler told me I needed to eat more to lose weight. I was very nervous to ea...
Rachel's full testimonial


Tyler has given me a sustainable, lifetime system to be healthy and stop yo-yo dieting. I am not an athlete. I am a retired Grandma. I understood nothing about macros and nutrition. I believe one of my first questions to Tyler was asking wh...
Sandy's full testimonial


Prior to working with Tyler I had been involved in the fitness industry for over 9 years.  I’ve trained hundreds of people both in gyms and online.  I’ve competed twice and acquired sponsorship in the process.  I’ve learned quite a bit over...
Josiah's full testimonial


I first met Tyler Mayer in Nov. 2013 . I decided to join Team TNT on Jan. 17th, 2014. It’s been great, I wish I would have started this journey years ago! Before working with Tyler I was pretty much a newbie rookie, fresh off the couch! I s...
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Let me preface this by saying that my weight has always fluctuated throughout my life. I’ve always had a larger build since High School. After starting College until last year, I was anywhere from 195 to 255lbs at 6’1”. Results of flexible...
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Lee Ann

Lee Ann's full testimonial


Joining TNT was the best decision I’ve made in my bodybuilding career hands down. I’ve done different diets and prep techniques, but all of them left me questioning why I wasn’t looking the way I wanted to. I found myself saying “I’m doing...
Julian's full testimonial


Before meeting Tyler I was wanting to give myself the best possible body Ive had since my high School days. At 46 years old I decided to make a run at a local bodybuilding show and after doing some research and talking with friends I decide...
Tony's full testimonial


Wow…what a year it has been for me! I did reach out to Tyler on July 4th, 2012, and we began working together on July 10. It has been a coaching/friendship/mentor relationship that has forever changed my life.I like many moms struggled with...
Amanda's full testimonial


Looking back, bringing Tyler on board was the smartest thing I could have done. I had competed several times on my own and though I had some OK success I began to get discouraged. I saw some of his clients in a show I was in and it was amaz...
Chris's full testimonial


My name is Jason Wong and I found Tyler Mayer through word of mouth from a friend at the gym. I approached, Tyler’s Nutrition Training (Team TNT), because I was looking for an contest preparation coach for bodybuilding and also wanting to s...
Jason's full testimonial


I have worked with Tyler for several years.  Not only has he helped me transform my body, he has also helped me transform my mind.  I’ve paid for nutrition and training and have received so much more than that.  He has been a mentor, educat...
Christine's full testimonial


It was a pleasure working with Team TNT during my IFPA Pro Figure debut. This was my first time working with a nutritionist for my contest prep and it was a really great experience! Tyler does a fantastic job of answering questions in a tim...
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Tyler Mayer’s results speak for itself in the champion physiques he produces.

After a three year hiatus from competing, I decided to team with Tyler because of the incredible conditioning he produces in his athletes and I felt I needed a...
Gerry's full testimonial